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45 minute classes are $60 per month. 

60 and 75 minute classes are $70 per month. This amount is prorated if you enroll in the middle of the month. 


9:45 AM-10:20 AM, Pre-Ballet and Imagination, “Shapes, Sharing and Stories”, ages 4 through 5

10:30 AM-11:25 AM, Primary B Ballet, ages 6-8

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM Adult Beg Int Ballet, Ages 14 and up


Creative Movement: Students explore the elements of space, time, shape and movement quality using weekly themes, social emotional learning, and storytelling. Weekly creative projects and collaboration helps students develop social skills, self-confidence and communication skills. 

Pre-Ballet: Children are introduced to age-appropriate positions and movements of ballet. Through imaginative scenarios and storytelling children also explore concepts of space, time, shape and movement quality. 

Primary A and B Ballet: Students are taught developmentally appropriate ballet vocabulary. Primary level ballet is not required to enter Level 1. However, it is highly recommended as a precursor to Level 1 as it develops the strength and muscle memory that supports Level 1 training. 

Adult Beg Int Ballet: Dancers in this class focus on dynamic usage of appropriate coordination and muscle usage to execute beginner through intermediate level ballet vocabulary. Classes emphasize enchainements that are fun and that allow the dancers to evolve their technique and strength.